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Work and Free Time

This category includes movies featuring people working, showing off their homes, and doing sports. Workers in factories and offices play a less significant role here than do craftspeople and especially farmers. Hardly any films show housework or care or reproductive work. Also typical for the second half of the 20th century, and hence far more prevalent, are amateur movies showing people building their own homes. Hobby sports and sports events were also popular and reflect the fascination of filmmakers with recording movement on film, with the result that the number of home movies about athletic achievements is relatively high.

Hausbau, Waldviertel, 1970er-Jahre
Faschingsumzug, Waldviertel, 1980er-Jahre
Geschicklichkeitsrennen, Waldviertel, 1970er-Jahre
Eislaufen, Waldviertel, 1970er-Jahre